Spa Luxury



A body emulsion specially formulated as a cellulite corrector. It favours the mobilization of hydro-lipid deposits and prevents the development of new overloads. The innovative Anti-Cellulite Cream with Caviar Extract and Gold can restores the skin's flexibility and improve texture, minimize the padded effect and smoothes the skin's surface.


  • Directions: For all skin types. Recommend for those affected with cellulite nodules or "orange skin" on gluteus, thigh, arm or abdomen areas.

  • How to use: Start on the soles of the feet, apply and working upwards with soft massage until total absorption, insist on areas with accumulated cellulite.

  • Main ingredients: Caviar Extract, Gold Micro-particles, Iodine-based Derivate, Caffein Complex & Mineral Oil

  • Capacity: 250ml