Hyaluronic Acid originates from a precious stone found in our body, to which we owe the beauty of our skin.

Although it forms an intrinsic part of skin, it is found in the intercellular matrix of the tissues. This polysaccharide is responsible for maintaining the skin's integrity, filling in the spaces between the collagen fibers and also acting as a lubricant for them. It is gradually lost over the years. Widely used in cosmetics as a very effective skin moisturizer and reconstructor, with great penetrating power which improves hydration and elasticity of the tissue. It increases the mechanisms responsible for naturally regenerating and protecting the skin.

Hyaluronic Acid is an important ingredient for retaining extra cellular moisture and forming collagen and elastin fibers, ensuring firmness and appropriate support of the epidermal cells.

The moisture-retaining capacity which is one thousand times its own weight, it exercises the following beneficial effects:

  • Reconstructs the fibers which support skin tissue.

  • Fulfils a moisturizing function.

  • Revitalizes cell growth and restores radiance and softness.

  • A highly effective treatment in diminishing wrinkles.

  • A great alternative for moisturizing skin.

The intersecting of the Hyaluronic Acid chain fills the spaces between the collagen gel fibers, causing moisture to be retained as if it were a molecular sponge.

A product that serves as a filler, when applied for a period of 7 to 15 days, stimulates the neo-formation and regeneration of the collagen itself. 


  • Directions: For all skin types. Recommended for mature, dry, dehydrated, flaccid and aged skins.

  • How to use: Apply to the face, especially to the horizontal lines of the forehead, the nose and around the eyes and lips.
    Apply after cleansing, toning and exfoliating with the Enzymatic Peeling or Glycolic Acid. Use instead of a biological product or fluid, before facial creams and/or for massaging before applying a facial mask.

  • Main ingredients: Hyaluronic Acid (85%), Lactic Acid & Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid

  • Capacity: 50 ml